What People Think About Jeunesse Global and The Products Based on Real Life Experience?

  • “I have had 3 heart attacks and had 20% heart damage. So I started resveratrol treatment, Now I feel better then before my first M.I. I saw my cardologist explain to him my own treatment plan, He was skeptical so he ordered a echocardogram and WOW he said I never seen this results before, He said a man with 3 M.Is over 40 years old, all heart damage appeared to be gone with a 10% increase in heart function, So I swear by resveratrol and every single one of us should be on this vitamin.”
  • “I had knee-joint pain and swelling after giving birth to my eldest daughter 15 years ago. Sometimes i couldn’t walk properly especially walking up or down stairs. After taking Reserve for a few months, my knees are no longer swelling and the pain had subsided. Now, I enjoy walking up or down stairs. Thanks Reserve.”
  • “I am a breast cancer patient. I had a surgery and chemotherapy in 2011 and was cleared by my doctors. However I was diagnosed to have a relapse in mid 2015 and it had already metastasis and Doctor couldn’t do anything except to go for chemotherapy again. I am also skeptical in the first place when my friend intro Reserve to me as I was intro to many others products too. Eventually I took Reserve as I am one who dislike taking pills and I have problem swallowing too. After taking Reserve for a month for 6 packets daily, my tumors shrunk according to my doctor and another month later my cancer markers dropped tremendously. I was so happy and my doctor did not mentioned about going for chemotherapy. My whole family is so happy about my condition and we are all taking Reserve and also helping our friends and relatives to get back their health. Thank you Jeunesse”
  • “When I first knew of Jeunesse products that can help cure eczema, I was not too receptive about it but wanted to prove its remarkability. As an eczema sufferer since childhood, no medication has helped to ease the condition as it keeps recurring. After having taken a packet of Reserve a day and night I begin to notice the red eczema patches have lighten and the itchiness has stopped. This is a great relief to me just within a month! I am beginning to feel the wonders that Jeunesse products have worked on my eczema.”
  • “I got to know about the wonders of Reserve around a year ago. Though a little skeptic about the benefits that I hear about, I did some research on the benefits of Resveratrol and decided to try. My dad was diagnosed of Parkinson disease around 2years ago and since then have been taking medication from the doctor 3 times a day. I got my dad to start taking 2 packs of reserve daily. After 6 months of taking reserve and during his regular medical review, doctor found that there’s significant improvement in his condition and was asking if he’s taking any other medication or supplement as his current medication is only supposed to maintain his condition and not have such improvement that we have seen. I’m so happy to hear that. As a result, the doctor has cut down his dosage of the medication to 2/3. I think this is a great improvement for a start! Not only that, my dad’s cholesterol and high blood test lately have shown normal results too and no longer needs to be on medication! I truly thank God for his amazing grace and for Jeunesse for creating this product that’s able to help so many people to improve on their quality of life.”
  • “I bought a box of Reserve in support of my friend who is doing Jeunesse. I gave it to my dad to consume who is diabetic… my dad who is very sceptical of the products I passed him, surprisingly has been ‘telling’ me that he has finished the box of Reserve and needed to replenish the stock for him. In my recent conversation with him, he also shared with me that his visit to the GP for his regular blood test results has shown that his sugar levels have dropped to 6.1 which is a good sign! No wonder he has been ‘hinting’ to me whenever his box of Reserve is finishing. My dad has never requested anything from us and if this is the only thing I can do for him and make him happy, I will continue to buy this product for my dad as a gesture of my love for my parent. I’m thankful to God who through this friend of mine has recommended Jeunesse to my family.”
  • “I have been using Luminesce skin care for past 2 years. My freckles are noticeably lightened a lot and Reserve fruit blend has eased my gastric problems. I was amazed by this simple, direct and smart system that allows me to expand my online business to more than 120 countries globally. This is the platform that I’m looking for. I quit my accounting job and went on full time to focus on this business last year that brings a better and healthier life to me and my family. Cheers to Jeunesse Global!!”
  • “My 82-year-old mom has been suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol for many years. Since she began to take RESERVE three months ago, she has been able to shed off hospital drugs that have terrible toxic effect on her overall health. Her blood pressure has become normal without the usual spikes. Her health has tremendously improved overall; and her memory has also been better than before. I myself can also attest to the cutting-edge products from Jeunesse. am a sportsman and I can attest that RESERVE increases my endurance when I ran the Spartan Race in November 2015. Jeunesse consumable products are truly cutting-edge, working on the cellular, DNA level, slowing down and reversing the aging process. I not only feel energetic, but feel younger inside and look younger outside. No fluff!!!!”
  • “The Luminesce skin care range has bring back my youthful skin. My mum’s cholesterol level has improved after taking reserve.”
  • “I’m a product user for a year now. I have a very sceptic husband who has severe allergies from pollen, ragweed and cross allergies with relative plants and fruits. We did a blood test for him in Italy 3-4 years ago (it was the newest blood allergens analysis at that time). The doctor said, he must to avoid the cross allergens, like most type of fruits and vegetables and he has to take allergy medication forever in his life and it will be worse year to year. And so happened. He did a very strict diet what the doctor recommended for him. He couldn’t swallow tiny mouthful foods it’s stuck into his gullet more times and I had to take him to A&E. The doctor took the food out from his oesophagus and after a lots of investigation the doctor said to my husband he has allergy origin oesophageal stenosis. After 9 months in March this year he started to take reserve daily one sachet, after 2 weeks he said he had no symptoms. We went to Hungary for a holiday this summer, he was sneezing 300 times a day, his palate was itchy and his eyes and nose were itchy/running all the time from March until end of September, but especially on Hungary. This summer he had no symptoms at all! With only one sachet Reserve a day! Thank you Jeunesse to make him healthy!”
  • “Last year October, I was diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel syndrome, sensation pains on hands. Doctor encouraged me to do a operation to relieve the pains. As I had been taking Reserve (anti-oxidant juice) since June, I continued to consume 2 packets a day instead of the operation. I noticed the pains had been lesser lately. I went back for my doctor for review on 22 Feb next year and doctor has acknowledged the good result and said no operation needed. Doctor asked what have I been taking for the improvement. She said she can see me 6 months later. Wow, I believed the Reserve help me tremendously.”